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Star Assurance TM is our very own unique quality control system.  We guarantee to each and every customer that our controls meet ISO industry standards..


Our high quality standards are measured and backed by documentation, certification,  and a guarantee. "Quality is Always Number One!"





      Calibration and Gage Control Procedures

      Purchasing Material and Property Control

      First-Article, In-Process and Final Inspection Procedures

      Quality Planning, Work Instructions and Process Control

     Inspection Records and Documentation

      Packaging, Handling, and Parts/Materials/Tooling Storage

A Complete In-Plant Laboratory


Non-Destructive Part Testing

Destructive Sample Testing

Microscopic Examination & Image Capture

Micro Hardness & Coating Bond Strength Analysis

Measuring Tools & Gauges with PC Documentation


Workplace posture of Star Assurance.
Non-destructive & destructive part testing equipment.  Microscopic Examination and image capture.
Coating Segment under Microscopic Viewing.


Quality & Inspection


A Complete QC Documented Department

(with calibrated & certified  equipment & gauges)


    Dedicated Climate Controlled Room

     MMI  Multi Measuring for Coating Thickness

     OCM  Optical Comparator Measuring

     RMM  Roundness Measuring

     RMS  Roughness (Finish) Measuring

     CMM  Coordinate Measuring


Machining - Grinding - Manufacturing - Thermal Spray Coatings


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